Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Has anyone else ever noticed how something that seems so incredibly bizarre through our human eyes suddenly and somehow makes perfect sense when God is thrown into the mix???

So, my dad has like a bazillion siblings. He hails from the hills of Tennessee and was born during a time when children were the closest thing that you could legally get to slave labor. If you had a lot of children, you had a lot of help. Well, that's the only reason that I can come up with as to why someone would EVER have that many kids other than being certifiably insane...

Most of my aunts and uncles live in Tennessee still. One lives on the east coast and one in Alabama. We live in Illinois, but everyone else lives somewhere in Tennessee. My dad LOVES his brothers and sisters and he had apparently been praying about God bringing them all together - unifying them somehow and drawing them all closer to Christ.

My mom and dad ride motorcycles and have for quite a while. They are active in CMA (The Christian Motorcycle Association). A few of my dad's brothers ride, as well. But the large majority of his siblings didn't. However, they decided to take this trip back at the beginning of summer to Gatlinburg...ON MOTORCYCLES! Good grief! One aunt and uncle bought a motorcycle for the trip.

Long story, short:  one uncle just bought a motorcycle - one aunt wants a motorcycle for Christmas - another aunt wants a scooter - another aunt already bought a scooter. WHAT???? Umm...totally bizarre.  Well, bizarre until you factor in the fact that God is simply answering prayers using motorcycles!  God cracks me up!


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