Friday, January 8, 2010

Well, it sure does look like flesh and blood...

Wow! What a week!

Without going into a lot of details, I can tell you that Satan really is NOT happy about God moving in Cairo...and trust me, He is definitely moving! It is so frustrating, thought, when issues arise. I KNOW that I am not fighting against flesh and blood, but sheesh, it most certainly looks like flesh and blood that is acting all screwy and saying stupid things. Why must flesh and blood help Satan out? It would be so much easier to call a spade a spade, if it looked like a spade, but dang it, it doesn't. IT LOOKS LIKE FLESH AND BLOOD!

Stupid Devil.

Moving on.  Please pray for my friend and co-worker, Tommy Ellis. He had a massive stroke on Dec. 19. He is doing ok...much better than anticipated. Also pray for the fundraiser/vigil that will be held this coming week. Pray that people would give abundantly and that a sense of community, a spirit of prayer, and a general love for one another would spread through the streets of Cairo because of this event. Also pray for healing and restoration where there is brokenness.


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