Saturday, January 9, 2010

A New Car

So, I have been looking for a 2010 Equinox...I wanted Navy Blue, but would settle for Black Granite. The only problem is that one doesn't seem to exist that is built the way that I want it. (I am pretty picky about this one.) This morning I got a phone call from Royal Oaks in Paducah saying that they had one dropped off last night and that I could come and check it out before it hit the lot on Monday. It was pretty darn close to what I had asked for.

I took Ronnie Sr. with me...he LOVES to torture sales people and he's really good at it. But even the powerful, Ronnie Mays couldn't get through to these crazies! They add a $799 charge to all new cars for a vehicle protection package and 3 year warranty. It isn't optional!

I will call back on Monday, but for now it looks as though I should still keep hunting.

Funny thing is, this is the first time that I have wanted to trade but didn't really have to. It's a pretty nice position to be in, but I still left that place with a headache and MY car.


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