Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God shows up and then SHOWS OUT

Words cannot even begin to express what I experienced last night.

Cairo has been a divided community for a long time. 'Church folk' get mad about something at one church and then run across town to another church. Now, don't get me wrong, not everyone is this way and many people have friends from various churches, but overall, there has been a lack of unity between churches and, in turn, between believers. How does that happen? How do we get to a point where we are no longer the 'body of Christ', but rather, 1st Baptist, 30th Street, House of Praise, etc...? We focus on the wrong things...that's EXACTLY how we get to that point!

I met with some friends for dinner and we had prayer. We went to the church early and prayed a little more. My prayer has been that this 'event' would be a new beginning for Cairo, that the family would be encouraged and refreshed, and that unity and a sense of community would reign supreme. The last thing that I asked of God was that He show up and show out and boy did He ever! (Church on Sunday morning is going to be incredibly dull in comparison.)

My observation last night was that this 'body of Christ' hadn't had a 'worthy' cause to unite in prayer and praise. Tommy Ellis and his family gave them the 'cause'. However, the talk of the town today is how this should continue because praising and praying to God is cause enough! To that I say, "Praise God!"


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