Monday, December 28, 2009


At church last night the premise of the message was--
There are 2 types of people in churches:
1. Those who don't want to rock the boat! (For Heaven's sake, we've done it this way for 40 years and if it was good enough back then, it's good enough now!)
2. Those who want to make changes in hopes of things becoming better.

While there is some truth in this, the message is coming from someone who is riding in a boat that is leaking like a sieve and while some people are tossing buckets of water over the side in their best effort to save those onboard, the messenger sits with a group who (according to kate) simply say, "WEEEEEE!!!!!" as the boat is going in circles and slowing sinking...oblivious to the fact that they are going nowhere except down.

So, the question was asked, "What Would Jesus Do?" WWJD??? Really? First of all, that is so 1995. Secondly, I wonder what others actually think. Because based on the AMEN corner (that AMENs in all of the 'wrong' places) Jesus would love to ride in our 'boat'! Now, who is delusional? Am I crazy for thinking that Jesus would be like..."umm, I'm good. I think I'll just walk...on the water!"

Am I the only one who wonders when we started thinking that church was supposed to be focused on what we like, what we want? Am I wrong in thinking that church services should be about what God wants?  Why do we not see God's power on the same level that believers did in Bible days?



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