Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

This weekend wasn't incredibly eventful. We live too far away from our families to drive home for the weekend, so we entertained ourselves.

Friday night we went to eat at Tito's - YUMMY YUMMY Mexican - and then we went to The Root Cafe - the best coffee shop in NE Ohio! :-)

Saturday we explored a little. We tried a new deli called Primo's. They give you an endless basket of chips - who needs a sandwich? We had cupcakes at Blake's Cupcakery. We shopped a little - saw an awesome car. It looked like this:

I kept seeing this car at a spa close to our house and the only thing I knew is that it was a Lamborghini. Now I know that it is a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera AND I don't have to stop at the spa the next time I see it and try to get a picture just so hubby could identify the specimen.

Other Saturday news: we rented The Vow. Actually hubby rented The Vow while I was in the grocery store because he thought I would like it. Holla! I got a chick flick. It was good. His review: It was emotionally intense. My review (NOTE: Spoiler coming....): She never regained her memory? Seriously? And they're married and have 2 kids? Seriously? That's the sweetest story ever.

Sunday - awesome worship service with awesome church family. I am really digging sitting through multiple services (with a coffee break, of course). Something about hearing everything 2 or 3 times is really helpful to me. It makes it really stick! It's like the perfect scenario for my ADD/incredibly forgetful self! I catch something new each service.

We also saw Men in Black 3. Review? It's worth seeing. I liked it better than MIB 2 - probably because of Josh Brolin. His performance was impressive. MIB 3 most certainly exceeded my expectations.

Memorial Day - we slept in and then went to visit a friend...and made 2 new friends! Yummy food, fantastic conversation, and lots of love. God is so good to me!


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