Thursday, May 17, 2012

16 Going on 17

Ok, so it was more like 33 going on 34, but who is counting? (Besides Crys!)

I had a GREAT birthday! Hubby and I actually celebrated last Saturday. We went to eat at MELT in Cleveland! Yum! We ran a few errands, shopped and ended up going for ice cream at Mary Coyle's. It's an honest to goodness old-school ice cream parlor. Loved it!

I got breakfast on the morning of my birthday (hubby made omelets and toast) and he made homemade pizza for dinner. Holla!  I ate a free lunch at First Watch and I bought myself a new skirt and top. I had a very unexpected visit from a special friend of mine who stayed for dinner.

About a bazillion people called, text me, or messaged me on Facebook. I felt very loved and blessed.

As I reflected on the past year, I realized a lot has changed. I lost my job in Cairo. I got married. I moved to Ohio. I've watched my mom fight cancer. I was diagnosed with MS. (I've done a ton of craft projects.) I have laughed and cried - sometimes within 5 minutes of each other. It has been an 'emotional roller coaster' sort of year. I have made new friends and mourned the fact that I can't see old friends as often as I would like to. In the end, 33 was a HUGE year in my life and I'm sad about some things coming to an end, but excited about all of the new things. 33 was bittersweet. I'm sure 34 has a lot in store and I've decided that I just want it to be a year where I ultimately spend time investing in people and in what God has for me. Here's to another year!


CrysHouse said...

Oh the changes that happen in a year...right?

Hope it was the best.

PS. 14 days and counting.

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