Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A to Z

I thought about joining the A to Z blog challenge, but I am seriously not certain that I COULD blog everyday for a month. I mean, I do Facebook (love knowing what's going on - at this point I would know very little going on 'back home' if it weren't for FB).

I have been sucked into the Pintrest garbage (HUGE time suck - don't even sign up if you can't afford to lose hours of your life and not be able to explain where they went). I have gotten several great ideas from there, so I'm not complaining, but it's addictive.

I am also trying to check my Twitter at least once a day because my sister-in-law is attempting to tweet regularly, but I don't get The Twitter. I think it's because I don't follow anyone cool. Who should I follow that has interesting tweets? I think Twitter is mostly for people who want to follow stars. Does anyone really want to know that I just did laundry? #noonecares

I am currently trying to memorize the soprano part for Handel's Messiah. #notgoingwell (I have to admit that I DO like the hashtag thing.) Our new church performs it every year at Easter. No one is using music this year (except me!) and I don't want to be the loser with the sheet music, so I'm working on it. Grrr.

My parents are coming to visit this weekend and I am SO excited! I keep trying to talk everyone into staying longer, but they only want to stay for 3 or 4 days! What is that about? I mean, you drive 9 1/2 hours, you should stay for a week before you drive back! (looking at you, Crys) :-)

Oh, and my mom and dad bought me a new sewing machine for my birthday (not until May, but it was on sale). Now I just have to figure out what to do with it! ;-) I'm excited about it!

SINGER 8763 Curvy Computerized Sewing Machine


CrysHouse said...

I didn't do the A to Z challenge because it makes me feel stuck. We'll be on letter "M" and the only thing I can think to write about really belongs on letter "R." Frustrating.

But I have nothing to write about anymore. I think I've run my course? The things that run through my mind are the same things I've talked about ad nauseum and who wants to be irrelevant?

I would stay a week if we could :) But you'd be tired of us by then anyway. :)

Sheena said...

You haven't run your course - you just need new material. I promise you, a week with me will be life changing! ;-)

Taylor said...

Oh, how I wish I could sew! I don't understand Twitter either. I do like Pinterest! So fun!

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