Monday, November 28, 2011

Updates from Ohio

I have several things that I haven't shown you mostly because it's really just a few things because I'm pityful and can't remember to take stupid pictures. I didn't take one single picture at Thanksgiving. Bad Blogger. Bad Scrapbooker! Grrrr.

So we opened 2 more envelopes. Keep up people - it was a wedding present. A really awesome wedding present.

This was envelope #2 stop in Canton, OH.

This was envelope #3 stop in Fairlawn, OH.
and my "treats"

Yesterday I made cupcakes with butter cream icing - SO YUMMY!

For dinner I made Maple Glazed Salmon and Green Bean & Roasted Potatoes in a chive and butter sauce:

I'll try to do better. Not making promises, but I am going to try. Except tonight...I made Parmesan Chicken and was too lazy and hungry to get my camera out before dinner.


Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights said...

I completely feel your pain! I am so bad at taking pics... just because I always forget to whip out my camera (err: iPhone!)

Hope that all has been well! XOXO
PS: Come and join my Stocking Stuffer Swap - it should be fun! :)

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