Monday, November 28, 2011

2 on Tuesday - Christmas Traditions

2 on Tuesday

I am joining Andrea over at My Chihuahua Bites! for 2 on Tuesday. Click on the link above to link up. This week's question is:

What are your Christmas traditions?

I am hoping to begin some new traditions this year. This is our first Christmas being married - our first Christmas living away and going back home for the holidays, so I don't know what's in store.

When I was growing up my grandma always baked cookies - LOTS.OF.COOKIES. She would bake 15 different kinds of cookies (not kidding - it was a lot!) and she would bake DOZENS of each. She would give them to EVERYONE!  Everyone in my family got their own container of cookies for their house. She would give cookies to people at church (people at the grocery store, the doctor's office - ok that's not completely true, but she LOVED to baked and she LOVED to share). Every after all of that giving away, we would still have some at her house on Christmas. 

At my house, we would always see what Santa brought us in the mornings, then go to Granny and Papa's for lunch and more presents. My aunts, uncles, and cousins. Fun times and GREAT food!

I am not sure what new traditions we'll start. I'm just super excited about spending time with friends and family. Thanksgiving was great, but we get to stay for a little longer at Christmas.

What are your Christmas traditions?


Cole said...

I loved making dozens and dozens of cookies with my mom and grandma too. :-)

How awesome that you're in the position now to decide what Christmas traditions you and your husband want to carry on!

Amy said...

Oh I use to bake with my Papa and loved it..

Tara said...

We always got an ornament for Christmas. That way, we would have ornaments to start our own tree when we moved out. I'll be doing that for Macy. Also, I'm hooked on 24 hours of A Christmas Story since about 4 years ago.

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