Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Long Weekend

I am so thankful for an extra day off any time that I can get it, but this weekend has been quite productive! Ronnie and I completed Round 1 of our guest list. On Saturday, Kate called and mentioned a possible reception site, so when mom and I went to get groceries, we decided to go and look for it. We knew the general location, so with my handy-dandy smart phone we were able to find it. And boy am I glad we did! It is stunning! I am taking my dad, Ronnie's parents, and Crys & Kate to see it tomorrow! Ronnie and I love it and are pretty much settled on using this place as our reception site:

So, today we went to church, had lunch with a new couple visiting at church (super individuals), and then after a brief nap, Kate met Ronnie and I. We went to the park in Vienna to meet Ronnie's parents, Sandy, Jason and Crystal. We watched Aunt Sandy roast hot dogs 'rotisserie style' and we made smores.

If you haven't met my friend, Kate, you have NO idea what you're missing. She's a funny girl! Here a  few Kate quotes from this evening:

When talking about Kate's dislike for touching raw meat, but deeply desiring to be the Pioneer Woman when she 'grows up'..."I LIKE MEAT! I can't be vegetarian. I don't like many vegetables!"
(Definitely a problem, friend, but to be like the Pioneer Woman, you must cook like her raw meet and all!)

When talking about how Wyclef Jean is no longer running for President of Haiti (apparently someone decided they didn't like the idea, complained about the way the paperwork had been filed...I don't know! Long story short - he's not gonna be President and while I don't live in Haiti and shouldn't have an opinion, I think the people of Haiti are losing out!). Kate said it was a shame because she would like to see who the US would send to a world leaders summit when Haiti sent Wyclef and Ireland sent Bono. She speculated "Steven Tyler". HA!

On her way home, she called me again and wanted to know if "weasels were native to this area". WHAT???? We ruled out all obvious possibilities and finally decided on mink...we think she saw a mink!

Oh, I love you!!!!

Night, all! More to come on wedding prep later.


ktjane said...

For the record, my father says that we do have weasels here, though rare. He thinks, based on my description, that I saw a mink which are also in the area and slightly more common.

Sheena said...

Debbie talks about one Christmas where she wasn't going to get a new bike unless her dad caught a mink. I think they're more common than we realize.

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