Monday, September 20, 2010

a little GM product 'trick'

Last night I did the usual Sunday night routine: Women's Prayer Group (awesome therapy!), church service, dinner with Ronnie's family...

However, I forgot to get gas, so before I could go home, I had to run back into town. I was TIRED!!!!  Well, that really isn't anything new or different. I am pretty much always tired (anyone with me?)! I pulled up at Casey's, shut off my car, pumped my gas, got back in the car and when I tried to start it.....NOTHING!

Some of you may remember that on Friday, the 10th, the same thing happened at school. I had to have my car towed to my local repair man (Ronnie's uncle), who said the car "started right up" when he tried it! UGH! So, fast-forward and here we are again. So I call Uncle Jason AND Ronnie and they try everything they know to do. Uncle Jason decides it's something to do with the anti-theft system. We send Ronnie to get the spare key thinking it may have something to do with the chips in my key.

In the meantime, savior Bruce arrives on scene. Bruce is a friend of Big Brother Brad and works on cars. He shows me how to reset the stupid anit-theft system that has apparently decided to go haywire. If your GM piece won't start, turn the key 1 click to the on position. The Security light will flash for about 10 minutes. When it stops flashing and stays on, turn the key off. Wait 5 seconds and try to start it again....amazing!

Today I am praising Jesus that my car started and that even if it didn't, I would know how to fix it!


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