Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Best Part of My Day

So, I wasn't having the greatest of days until my 4th grade class.

In the middle of our music lesson, one of the girls in the front row says (rather loudly), "Ms. Sheena...ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED???" (she was excited and proud of herself for noticing). I said, "Yes." It was followed by a question of when to which I replied, "next year sometime...I need time to find a dress." I thought that would be a perfectly accepted response by 4th graders. Well, it was only questioned by one student who said she she would be happy to make me a wedding dress. She asked what color I wanted and said if a wedding dress what the only thing keeping me from getting married sooner, she would make me a "beautiful dress".


CrysHouse said...

If she can make Ronnie a tux, too, I say go for it!

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