Friday, May 7, 2010

Renovating me...

So, renovation continues....

The beginnings of the 'teaching room' and that back wall is up and about half covered in sheetrock here.

Another wall. Things are moving along quite nicely.

A better shot of the unfinished portion of the back wall. The floor was so out of level that we had to shim with a 2x4 and a piece of paneling (look real close by the brick wall). Good Grief....get a level people!

More progress.

And we have a room! (looks sorta like a jail cell at that moment, though).

This all happened on Tuesday! Dad got a LOT accomplished while I was at work. That black board is to insulate the room for sound...don't want to disturb the neighbors! :-)
A special 'thank you' to Don Laster and Kenny Dexter for your help!

 SO PROUD OF THIS!!! My new door signage! AWESOME! It looks so official!

What will eventually be my coffee table...4 hours of sanding the legs and the little areas that have no varnish here, THEN my dad tells me that they make stripper stuff to take off varnish! Thanks, dad!

the finished coffee table legs...

My rockin' new PA system! Jon Hiller LOVES it. It sounds fantastic. It has an iPod dock and is completely portable. Sounds 10X better than the Fender Passport systems! I can hardly wait to use it!

I LOVE it when a plan comes together! What you can't see is all of the electrical work my dad has done. There are new outlets in this room. YAY!

The inside of the room and one lonely ceiling tile....we needed to make sure that it fit!

Mom's wonderful job on insulation behind the back wall. This will eventually have black board over it.

The UGLY door is going...praise Jesus!

We will have a lot to do, but it's MUCH better than it was! My dad is most certainly a jack of many trades! I am very fortunate and honored to have him around. God is truly doing a work in our relationship through this process...He's renovating us...making improvements!


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