Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bet You Haven't...

Today was a day for the books - I am not sure which books. I'll let you decide.

My agenda for the day:
Get Ronnie's oil changed at 8AM
Meet with the girl I mentor

Not bad, right?

What actually happened:
I couldn't get in Ronnie's car from the driver's side. The door wouldn't open from the outside or the inside. I load my stuff in the backseat and crawl in from the passenger side. I drive to the shop and beg the mechanic to take a look at it. He does. It's not good. He's pretty sure the latch is broken. The door panel has to come off (I am told it could crack in the process - really? Who cares? I'm currently climbing over the center console.). He calls around to check for parts and then calls the Mazda dealership. I opt to schedule an appointment with Mazda for 1:30PM this afternoon.

Mechanic proceeds to change oil. The car has been making a squealing noise since he replaced the alternator. Mechanic figures out sound is coming from alternator and replaces almost new alternator...again. Noise still there. FAIL. I climb in the car. The door panel is partly off, the window is down. I finally get the window up because I need AC by this point (and a drink).

I have some time before the appointment at Mazda. I decide to make a stop at Target. I climb out of the car (I have this down to a fine art at this point - slide the driver seat all the way back, sling the right leg over the console, move your butt to the console and then to the passenger seat, swing left leg over console. Exit and hope no one is staring at you - but there is always someone). I lock the door, go in and do my shopping. I get back out to the car and realize that the way I normally unlock the door (with the key - in the driver's door - the only place that there is a keyhole - is not going to work. I don't have a key fob to Ronnie's car.) I call Ronnie and while I'm talking to him, I realize that there is a keyhole on the trunk. He tells me there is a seat release inside of the trunk.

Are you following here?

No, there are no pictures - which is sad because I'm certain it was a sight to behold. I crawled through the trunk and into the backseat to hit an unlock button and then I climbed back out of the trunk. The poor lady who was watching me is probably still trying to figure out what in the world I was doing. I opened the back door, crawled in the backseat and hit the unlock button on the front door. I the climbed through the passenger side again to get back to the driver's seat.

I decided on McDonald's for lunch (don't judge me!). I opted for the drive-thru as not to force myself to climb again. I forgot about the window. UGH. I should've just crawled over and got out.

I finally get to the Mazda dealership and crawl out of the passenger side - again. It takes them a LONG time to figure out what's wrong - it's not simple and they don't have all of the parts. I rent a car and head home. I called Ronnie, but he wouldn't let me just trade his in - something about it not being in our budget. SMH!

On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and bought brownies. That's what I was supposed to do, right? Bake brownies after a day like today?

I knew it was WAY past time for me to be home when I stopped at a stop light (because it was RED) and I saw a guy 2 vehicles behind me mouthing because I didn't just run the light. I felt the need to get out of my car and go 'chat' with him. I didn't do it, y'all, but I really wanted to. Instead I came home and baked my brownies.

Have I mentioned that I get to go back tomorrow?


CrysHouse said...

Mom and dad told me this would be the best story of my life...and it didn't disappoint. This even rivals my Pastors and Wives Christmas dinner story :)

Beth said...

That gave me a good laugh! What a memorable day ;-)

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