Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Political Hopefuls and Gap: A Letter

To all political hopefuls running in upcoming elections for any sort of public office:

I ran across an article today that talked about Gap scraping its new logo and going back to the one they've used for the last 20 years simply because people were upset about it. First of all, I think the fact that people were 'outraged' over a change of logo shows a slight detachment from reality, but that aside, Gap set an example that I feel you should follow. They LISTENED TO THE PEOPLE. Hey, there's a new idea for you. Stop doing whatever you feel like simply because it will benefit YOU and LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE and try to do something beneficial for them!

Regarding the logo debate and scrapping Gap said, "I think we learned a lot from this...It's clear we did not go about this the right way."  In the future, the company will make more of an effort to "engage with the online community."

May this serve as a lesson for you, Mr. or Ms. Political Hopeful - Gap is smart. Be like Gap!

Best Wishes,



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