Thursday, January 17, 2013


This week. Well, it has been better than last week. Today wasn't super productive, but there's always tomorrow, right?

I have actually started a food journal this week. A friend offered to be my "accountability partner". So far. So good. Writing down that cherry cordial milkshake was a little more painful than drinking it. :-)

Today I successfully found a "mom and pop's" jewelry store and I am already in love with them. While at the mall yesterday, I was going to have a lady at one of the jewelry stores clean my wedding rings. When she inspected them, she said I had 2 loose stones. Well, I'm not exactly excited about chain jewelry stores (spoiled by Lang's in Cape Girardeau), so I put a message on Facebook and I received a lot of responses (FB rocks for things like that!). I did a little research, made my choice and I have 3 loose stones - not 2 (EEK!) - but I will have the rings back in a week and they will look lovely! I found a beautiful pair of earrings, an awesome ring, and a pearl necklace, that I would happily wear, while I was there (about 15 minutes).

I'm still job hunting...and considering school (bluh) - like medical transcription or something else that's more of a 1 year program. I honestly don't know what God would have me do. I feel like I have many gifts and I could use them in many places, but I just feel so uncertain about the job thing. Thoughts?


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