Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bucket List

Look what you've started, Sarah! Crys and Kate have joined in on the fun. I can't miss out! Like I have time to do a bucket list right now, but I can't seem to help myself! Here's my first 25!

1. Star on Broadway

2. Marry Ronnie

3. Work full-time at my studio

4. Go to France, Italy, and Ireland

5. Record an album with Crys and Kate where we actually have a name.

6. Own a pair of Jimmy Choos (or a pair of heels that doesn't make me think beauty is pain)

7. Lose 75lbs. and maintain it

8. Spend an extensive amount of time in Memphis at blues clubs

9. Go to cooking school

10. Own a house

11. Read a book in a day

12. Spend enough time in NYC that I can see every Broadway show worth seeing

13. Spend a day at St. Jude's

14. See Niagara Falls

15. Go to Africa

16. Learn to play cello well

17. Learn how to make guacamole.

18. See an opera at The Metropolitan Opera

19. Invent something useful

20. Torture Ronnie for a whole day with my iPod and Broadway tunes!  :-)

21. Sing with a jazz combo

22. Become a great hostess

23. Find the "perfect" wedding dress

24. Re-do my website from scratch

25. Grow an orchid.


ktjane said...

So I want to go with you to Memphis! And St. Jude's. And if we went to New York at Christmas we could knock out two at once!

Jon Hiller, Cowabunga Music, Anna, IL said...

HaHa, just make sure #23 comes before #2, or you could have a problem.....

Sheena said...

Good point, Jon!

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